About H3 Entertainment

H3 Entertainment is a pioneer in Entertainment 3.0, building bridges between IP and fan communities by fusing Hollywood and Web3 technologies. We are committed to creating a transparent, decentralized, and next-generation entertainment industry that breaks down the boundaries of traditional industries.

Through smart contracts and blockchain technology, H3 guarantees the fairness and protection of IP copyrights so that IP owners and creators can get the rewards they deserve. The unique NFT experience integrates fans into the creative process so that fans truly own a part of the IP.

We lead the evolution of the entertainment industry, driving the convergence of innovation and transparency.H3 Entertainment welcomes all creators and fans who love entertainment to join us in creating the future of Entertainment 3.0!
Let's witness the birth of the next generation of the transparent and distributed entertainment industry!


H3 Entertainment aims to bridge Hollywood and Web3 technologies and create a transparent, distributed, next-generation entertainment industry. We are committed to breaking down barriers in the traditional entertainment industry and creating a fair and open ecosystem for artists, creators and fans.

By decentralizing and returning power to creators and fans, we can inspire more innovation and creativity, and drive the entertainment industry toward a more prosperous and sustainable direction. H3 will continue to drive the evolution of Entertainment 3.0, creating a more inclusive, open and dynamic entertainment ecosystem.